NEWS FLASH PICAXE conquers again.

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We are all aware of the educational potential of these little chips. Today I had the pleasure to be at a proffessional developement day in my area about getting more students interested in electrical engineering and engineering in general.
Among other things we decided that we would use PICAXE as our favoured microcontroller because of;
its ease of use and low cost,
the fact that it is easy to teach and learn
the huge range of assistance available, including here
I like to play with them, (so there)

Some of teachers there were very impressed with it but seemed to develope a speech impediment as the day went on, they found it hard to say PICAXE and kept calling it KICKASS, maybe the food was laced.

We may have to deal with a new influx of newbies, but I guess you get that.


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<i>they found it hard to say PICAXE and kept calling it KICKASS </i>

...maybe they were thinking of this:<A href='' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>
A great little circuit that came out of this thread:<A href=';pagesize=15&amp;forum_title=No+new+posts+please%21+21&amp;topic_title=Solenoid%2B%252B%2BSoccer%2BRobot&amp;forum_id=29&amp;topic_id=5686' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>

Cheerio :)