My Burgular Alarm

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Hi Guys,
This is my burglar alarm setup.
Feel free to copy / modify as you please.
I disclaim any Duty of Care and offer it as a suggestion only.

First the pictures.

1. Block Diagram

2. Main Control Box, which will be fitted in the loft.

3. Standard mobile phone.

4. Left Hand View, showing plug in connections to display panel.

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5. Control Panel

6. Main panel RHS, 5Vdc regulators,Autodial pcb, 12vdc outputs.

7. Main panel LHS, 40X2 picaxe, ds3231 RTC, and "R" reset button.

8. Main panel with picaxe and RTC removed.

As the PCB will be fitted in the loft, the PCB copper tracks will be painted with electrical varnish.
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Attached is the .bas program.

Word,Bytes and Bits

Codes used.

123 Sets time and date
136 enable/disable zones
147 Alarm walk test
148 Toggle chime on front & rear doors
149 Displays Tamper circuits
166 Phone test
556 Read Alarm log

357 default alarm code, but can be programed out
as code 789 sets up the mastercode.

"R" button on PCB resets the "mastercode" to 555

pin0 Garage sensors, reads ADC value of multiple contacts.
pin1 Rear door
pin2 Front door
pin3 PIR office
pin4 reserved
pin5 PIR Hall
pin6 PIR lounge
pin7 Panic button
(pin1-7 standard 10K0 pulldown resistors)

pin0-7 Anti tamper circuits

pin0 Spare alarm input
pin1 Reset mastercode
pin2 Keypad adc
pin3 HI2C SCL
pin4 HI2C SDA
pin5 Piezo, internal and panel
pin6 Battery voltage
pin7 20X4 OLED

pin0 Relay
pin1 Siren stage1
pin2 siren stage2
pin3 alarm stage 3
pin4 watchdog led
pin5 alarm stage4
pin6 Sounder Kingstate KPEG653SA
pin7 Phone

to activate alarm,
1 press '#' key
2 'code' displays
3 enter 'mastercode' 3 numbers
4 next menu gives options of
....1 Front door Exit, full set after front door is shut
....2 Night time set, sets garage and front & rear doors
....3 As 2 plus PIR in office & lounge (not hall)
....4 garage only set
....* exits menu

To turn off
1 press'#'
2 'code' displays
3 enter 'mastercode'

136 Here you can disable zones manually

147 Alarm walk, allows you to test contacts and PIR sensors.

556 reads log of alarm events, 30 messages stored which over write the oldest message when full

166 you can test the dial out pcb and phone,
see separate post for GSM autodialer.

'*' key refreshes panel display

A switch, on the left hand side of the control box, allow you to switch between the Panel keypad and the keypad on the the main box.
The Blue socket allows plugging in a test display, so you can work on the main box.


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I still cant believe what you have done in the timescale, hats off to you. Looks so professional. Regards