most commands in logicator are "greyed out"


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Probably missing something very basic, I have downloaded and installed logicator and can create a simple flowchart and program the picaxe.

My problem is that most of the commands are not available (greyed out). Do they need to be activated in some way? The "Basic" command is not available, none of the variable commands are available etc

png file attached (pls excuse the size), as you can see there are only 4 available commands


Any help would be appreciated



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It could be that you have Logicator operating as the Free 'Lite' Version; this allows only a limited range of commands to be used. Within Logicator use the Help -> Register menu options to change the operating mode.


oh yes ... i love the Picaxe so i registred the software today, hope itwill be usefull some first projekt a chicken door opener works since 3 weeks very well, i know thats things to change to make it better.. my second Projekt a watering system for my home plants works too, the next, i bought a microbot to make experience for a robot lawn mower.... next year :)... and for creative holidays....