Model railway signal control


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With much help from this forum I have just completed a Picaxe circuit that will control up to 8 signals for a model railway and in the spirit of sharing, the link to this circuit is here
Doubtless some will pick holes in it, but as far as I'm concerned it works on my layout and as with most Picaxe projects there is always a certain amount of tinkering required to suit the users purpose.
I hope some of you find it useful.


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Thank you for a most interesting and informative site and for the extra effort you made to make the Picaxe information available to others.



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That is really very impressive. HO scale is hard enough, but making realistic looking lights in N scale is a real work of art. The picaxe is a perfect controller.

When I was younger I built a traffic light controller out of logic chips for my model train set, but these days picaxe would be the best solution.

Nice work!



Well done. I am impressed. :D :D :D

I also work with N gauge model railways and do have some solenoid activated semaphore type signals in approx N gauge, where I dropped the height about 15mm to make them more realistic.

Have not used my layout for a couple of years as although set up, too much other equipment stored around and under following a house move 18 months ago but aiming to get back into it when a new house built (trying to convert a local ghetto into a local Taj Mahal) Will have much more space so a new layout will be in order and thus the vision is to use PICAXE chips for control. Not so much to fully automate but to minimise the amount of control wiring. Something like 600 metres of hook up wire under the existing layout. A PICAXE and comms bus approach should reduced that vastly.


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Your dedication is admired.
I usually can't be bothered documenting my projects and when the need for repair comes along I have lost what little documentation I made on the way.
Once I get the rats nest working I close up the box hoping that I won't ever have to go there again.
Thanks for sharing also.


Afternoon all, I've just tried the link in the opening post by Sid and I don't think the site works anymore as it was back in 2010. Sid are you still about?


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This kind of points to the advantage of posting projects here on the forum (as best you can) since many private web sites go by the wayside sooner or later.


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If you go to the page and click on the omage, you get this message:
The Wayback Machine has not archived that URL.

Click here to search for all archived pages under

Which means that did not include the image when they archived the base page.

I find that I'm saving potentially useful pages as PDF files to ensure they will be readable in the future.