MicroBot (BOT120) asynchronous RC control using interrupt on IR receiver input


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Here is a small change suggestion regarding the mounting of the IR receiver extension to the MicroBot (BOT120), which may make the use of IR remote control of this bot much more flexible. By changing the mounting position from the rear right position on Port C.0 (as recommended in the accompanying documentation) to the rear left position on Port C.4 it becomes possible to implement real asynchronous remote control by using a polled interrupt (active low) on this input (the 20X2 does not allow for polled interrupts on the original port C.0, only on pins C.1 to C.5, furthermore the hardware interrupt pins are not freely available on the BOT120). As a result the Microbot does not have to wait for input from the RC but can in its main body program do all kinds of useful things continuously and will at the same time act immediately whenever a RC key is pressed.

The included example program is a vey simple implementation of this concept with an empty body and leds flashing in the interrupt routine whenever any RC key is pressed. Note that this async RC approach is feasible for other applications as well.

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