Mad Dog Robot Player for "Minute to Win It" Gameshow


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FYI my first Picaxe 18M2 project...

Here's a DIY robot designed to compete in "Mad Dog" challenge as seen on NBC game show "Minute to Win It." In "Mad Dog," two Tic-Tac boxes are mounted to each end of a 12 inch ruler; contestants pick up the ruler with their teeth and have to shake out all the Tic-Tacs within a minute.

Any universal IR remote control which can produce Sony TV IR signals can control the Mad Dog Robot - either with individual functions or macros running pre-programmed command sequences.

Mad Dog Robot functions: [1] mechanical jaw opens / closes, and tightly holds the ruler, [2] simulated neck rapidly tilts ruler clockwise / counterclockwise about 45 degrees from horizontal, and finally [3] a powered platform moves robot forward / backward to pickup and replace the ruler.

Main components: Harbor Freight cordless electric drill motors (2), automotive wiper motor, Picaxe 18 M2 microcontroller, wood and metal components made from stuff available at hardware or home improvement stores. Part cost is approximately $125. Labor cost only $2 assuming I pay myself 5 cents an hour. Construction requires basic circuit building and wood and metal-working know how – mostly drilling and sawing – no welding or machining required.

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In Instructables "Final Thoughts" last step I list some areas needing improvement, in case anyone would like to make suggestions.