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I have no knowledge of Picaxe or its capabilities..but from readung hee it seems possible.
PICAXE is a range of microcontrollers which are a BASIC interpreter programmed on to various different sizes of 8-bit PIC microcontrollers. Maximum execution speed is about 16000 BASIC commands per second (at maximum speed).

The PICAXE is easier to use than a conventional PIC because it is programmed in BASIC rather than C or Assembler. However for high volume applications it is rarely used as it costs considerably more than normal PIC microcontrollers.

I would like to use a picaxe to control a series of lights after checking a database for verification for a ticket gate. I am designing a barcode reader situation to scan tickets then return valid or invalid by use of red or green led. the transmission will be cellular to internet based database then return to gate for verify.
Have you decided on what sort of cellular system you will be using and have you bought a microcontroller-interfacable modem yet? GSM? GPRS? 3G? HSPA? 4G? For PICAXE use, GPRS appears to be the most popular - please use the search facility of the forum to search for gprs.

If you have an existing internet connection that can be connected to using LAN where you want it then take a look at the PICAXE NET server.

And then, what sort of database is it?

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