LCD/OLED Memory Mapping


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The attached program may be useful for people trying to determine where the start addresses are for lines of their LCD / OLED displays. It's for 20M2 but easily adjusted for any PICAXE; just change the LCD symbol and / or LCD_BAUD.

When the program has run and stopped updating the display the first two digits at the start of each line are the addresses in hex to use to put a character at that line. For example, if the display shows ...


The key numbers are "80" and "C0", and the following should address the appropriate lines ...

SerOut LCD, LCD_BAUD, ( 254, $80, "Line 1" )
SerOut LCD, LCD_BAUD, ( 254, $C0, "Line 2" )

It's not been exhaustively tested but seems to work and showed up all sorts of odd memory mapping for the displays I tested.


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Ex-Staff (retired)
The display looks good, is it what you expected?
Yes, exactly as expected, with the results which match my example in post 1; start of the top line at "80" ( $80 / 128), start of the bottom line at "C0" ( $C0 / 192 ).