Interval Timer for physiotherapy


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This is new device I have build for my wife for her to complete her pysiotherapy.

She wanted a device that provided fixed interval timing, a visual alert and a sound alert.

During the design phase the requirement was changed as follows:
  • Fixed interval timing,
  • Visual alert,
  • Sound alert,
  • Volume control,
  • Vibrate alert,
  • Ability to select alert type,
  • Ability to mute sound and buzzer.

The solution uses a 08m in an existing case with a modified housing for the action button. I replaced the original pcb mouting the on/off switch and volume control in the same place as the original pcb.

The solution is essentially:
  • Power supply,
  • Voltage regulator,
  • Picaxe and the required resistors,
  • Transistors and caps as appropiate,
  • Switch with an appropiate mounting,
  • Reuse of the speaker, on/off switch and volume control,
  • Reuse of the high intensity LED and
  • Reuse of a mobile phone vibrator

See for the completed project.

The next problem.... if the physiotherapist ever wanted to one or more!
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Another good practical device, a really neat bit of repurposing, with the result it looks like a professional product. Well done.

Though I'm not suggesting it's the case here ( often it is for me ), whatever 'mess' you have inside the box, most others won't see that and it's how it looks which is how others will likely judge results.