housing affordability is it just australia that is over priced?


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After 10 years of installations in offices/homes/stores I find two kind of heaters
who works perfectly, one is the "HotFan" and another is the "AirJet".
Both works in the same way, warming the air and blowing it out, the "HotFan" be made
with one encased metallic fan with electric filaments of heater (like hairdryer), the
"AirJet" looks like one Plane Jet motor, tubular with one burner inside, and work with
natural Gas (Propane), or petrol (Kerosenne).
So, we (humans/animals) feel the heat trough skin, and we're sunked in one "sea of air"
that is why it's both devices win in the heating race.
You can feel the heat on you, but the things remains cold by some time, until becomes

If I can find some pics, I post it later.
I find it...
Airjet Kerosenne=> <External Web Link>
Airjet Propane=> <External Web Link>
Airjet Propane=> <External Web Link>
Airjet Propane=> <External Web Link>
HotFan=> <External Web Link>


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I saw one of those Airjet thingies at a party in a very old disused mill. I was supplied from a large gas cylinder. It was very effective at heating a very large draughty and leaky space. But I kept thinking about the carbon monoxide. All the combustion products are blown out with the hot air. Health implications?


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IMHO...Not more than working in a restaurant's kitchen...

until now no one fall dead by that...
(at least I not've known, or hear about..)