HexBot needs a new chip ... More RAM maybe even a Faster Clock!


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Is it possible to program newer chips with the PICAXE Loader to have more memory for programs, a faster clock?

8K of flash RAM would be really nice for larger more complex programs like this HexBot I made;

20210717 HexBot+Maestro12 Test6

After converting the 3-color LEDs to just direct PIN high/low the program uses 4043Bytes. No room to control the gripper or the upper Pan&Tilt let alone any kind of device on the Pan&Tilt.

6K or more memory would let this robot become autonomus rather than IR remote control.

You can see the code on my website: RoboGuts™ PICAXE 28X2 Module (r2pv1.com)


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From Manual 1:
Advanced: (2000 - 3200 line memory, per each of (up to) 4 separate slots)
28X2 22 configurable i/o 0-16 ADC 64MHz
40X2 33 configurable i/o 0-27 ADC 64MHZ

Additional slots of I2C memory can be used.


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See my response on this page;



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Using a 16 channel servo controller and a board with 2K ram and 16MHz... which in pic terms would be 64MHz.
I needed 2 servo controllers to use 18 servos... wasteful. I could have done this with a 18f25k22...1.5k ram.
Using the 16 channel servo controller takes all weight off a picaxe.. it does it all serially.
Notice all the servos are moving "simultaneously"
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Whole lot of servos going on!

I'm a minimalist, I shy away from complex walkers. Lots of calibration and programming, and lord help you when one servo fails!

But I do like the challenge of controlling lots of servos with a simple controller, as shown below. All servos in motion, slightly out of phase. A 20M2 could do the same job as a BS2, BTW.



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That's tidy... like all the stuff you do... but a servo controller board is all servos sort of simultaneous and uses 2 pins clk,data.
The guy who posted this has been on another forum and said polulo servo controller boards are good but I think ebay is always cheaper.
Regards stan
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