Grove RTC to Grove LCD


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Here attached, a Blockly program to setup a Grove RTC (DS1307) then send year,date and time to a Grove LCD RGB.

It does work but I had to use several basic blocks (RTC setup, BCD to ASCII conversion). I wonder if there is a more elegant way to make it.

In the future, would it be possible to add a RTC setup block and an I2C LCD RGB block handling also BCD.



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You could use the "Set I2C Slave Address" and "Write to I2C" blocks from the advanced section to write to the RTC.

Blockly isn't really geared towards doing more complicated, intricate or involved things. And that can quickly becomes the case with display outpu; lots of blocks to do things which could done be one or two lines of Basic.

It would be possible to add extra blocks but the counter is it's more clutter and more confusion for those which Blockly is primarily aimed at. As one gains experience one is likely better off using PICAXE Basic rather trying to shoe-horn what suits Basic into Blockly.