GPS010 with axe211?

Hi, I was looking at the gps010 because I wanted a module with an sma connector on it.
However while reading through the datasheet I saw mentioned the axe211 with a 20x2 on it.
Is this a new board? as even the link shown in the datasheet throws up the 404 page not found.
Hi, thank you both. That explains why I cant find it.
I think I'll wait until the board comes out, from experience mixing 3.3v and 5v id fraught
with problems, so this board makes sense.
thanks again.


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It's 2019 now and I cannot find any info on AXE211. What was it for, and will it appear?
I recall it was intended to be an upgrade to the AXE210 intended for use with more modern GPS modules. I am guessing that, since those GPS modules provide NMEA serial out, and XRF modules were becoming favoured over XBee modules it wasn't deemed necessary or useful so never materialised.
I'm embarrased to admit that, because I'd been using an old bookmark to access PICAXE hardware, I'd not found this. It would seem to offer an almost ready-made solution to my GPS plans, so many thanks for pointing it out. (It's funny how you can spend absolutely hours at a keyboard searching for stuff and yet miss the obvious and best.)