father's day

it's fathers day here in sydney,
woke up to a happy puppy two kids and wife holding choccy and much needed socks, :) <-- can't wait until we can post real smileys....

now we just have a 12 hours of the grand parents inlaws and the other side of the family to suffer......
happy fathers day everyone


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Any day that begins with chocolate can't be all bad ;-)

Happy father's day to those who celebrate it this month - in the US it's in June.

You do need to train children properly - my 5-year-old granddaughter knows my favorite and for any occasion will point out the dark chocolate on the store shelf to her mother with the comment:
"Papa needs some chocolate" ...

John, you Blew a perfectly good chance there !
Try the Electronics Shop and point out &quot;O-s-c-i-l-l-o-s-c-o-p-e&quot; next time <img src="wink.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>
Funny you should say that,dpg. I also woke up with two cats, kids, wife holding choccy and much needed socks. And the inlaws are arriving in a few hours too.

I'm going to hide in my local hardware shop. If only electronics shops opened on Sundays...

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Cats,kids,wife,chocolate,socks,in laws- are you 2 diggers unwittingly sharing a family? (I guess this might explain DPGs housing woes!) Stan

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My father's day was two kids, cat (and wife of course) with chockys <i>and a mangosteen </i> . And a beautiful spring day for a barbeque...

Go google mangosteen!


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Re: Oscilloscope - I have an ancient but reliable Tektronic 545. For those that don't recognize the number, this is a vacuum tube monster that weighs in around 100lb and uses enough electricity to keep a small work area warm in cool weather. When it finally dies, I'll get a newer model the same way I got the table saw in the workshop - tell the kids to give me gift cards that can be applied to the purchase.



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Well I have a 545 but I _use_ a 465... are you sure your input distributed amp cathodes haven't all gone soft? The 545 is definitely superior for heating the room in winter and you can't beat the glow of all those bottles!

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Haven't checked the calibration in a while, but I'm not greatly concerned when primarily checking wavforms in the audio to low ultrasonic range.
My needs are along the lines of &quot;Is there a signal?&quot; and &quot;Is it close to the proper level?&quot;

Considering the prices of new (or new old stock) vacuum tubes, I might have a down payment on a new solid state scope in the cost of replacing the most suspect tubes. On the brighter side, it was used in a government-funded low-level radiation lab and probably the majority of the tubes in it are MIL spec.



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I think the soft cathodes affected rise times and such but my memory is fading... I have a Velleman audio range digital scope for simple stuff and a blinky logic probe...

There are a number of sound card scopes[software] that I guess work pretty well but I haven't tried them.... however it would seem for most people on this list that could work as they've got the computer...