Dorji-DRF4431F13 Wireless Transceiver Modules


For those who are interested in wireless comms and may not look frequently in the Completed Projects area, this posts is a flag to the fact I have posted the findings of some recent work with the Dorji DRF4431F13 433 MHz wireless transceiver modules here:

The PICAXE program example provided is relatively basic and is intended to demonstrate the possible settings for operation on the 433 MHz band, how to send and receive a data packet and some basics of monitoring the DRF4431F13 module interrupt pin and determining the status of the module, received packet validity, errors, etc.

The Dorji Module uses the Silicon Labs Si4431 transceiver chip which is identical except for power output rating to the Si4432 used in the Dorji DRF4432F20 and the HopeRF RFM22 hence the same programming routines can be applied.
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