Does anybody recognise this ?


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2007_0125Turkey0030[1].jpg2007_0125Turkey0030[1].jpg This was in my pictures folder of holiday snaps from Turkey, back in 2007. Anybody know why ?

Is there a PICAXE in there ?


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First thing which came to mind was "pool controller" but given the number, of what seem to be, relays perhaps "outdoor lighting controller". I couldn't see anything PICAXE in there. Maybe it attracted your attention for being so neatly and tidily wired ?


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Looks like my test version #1,200A on attemping to control A stepper motor
with of course out sourcing all fabrication :cool:


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Hippy was the closest to the truth !

I discovered that my pictures folders had got mixed up, and this image was not from my Turkish holiday.

It's from some old work related file folder, it's part of the runway lighting system for Ankara airport !.

No Picaxe, sorry.