Digital Potentiometer


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Having spent hours searching the web for code for a digital variable resistor I came across this 8 pin chip. It appears to do everything I want for up/down push button control with a memory storing the last wiper position.

Maxim Integrated. Dallastat. DS1809-010
10k, 4.5 to 5.5v, 64 positions, Non-volatile (ie. Has a memory), Std 8 pin chip. UK – DS1809-010 Cost £4.20 inc p&p/vat. (x 5)

Single button pulse 1ms to 0.5sec
Multi-pulses every 1ms
Continuous pulse- push/hold lasting longer than 0.5sec

No de-bouncing circuitry necessary.
External diode and capacitor provide additional power for the auto wiper memory storage.
Current 25uA standby, 1000uA active. Wiper current 1mA

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