Com Port not found when programming subsequent chips

Edit: Got the title wrong -- it's finding the COM port, but not finding the chip.

I've created a batch file to program three slots of a 28X2 in one operation. It is working very well, taking about 45 seconds to completely program a chip which is much faster than doing it manually.

My problem is that when I insert the next chip to repeat the process, I get

Error: Hardware not found on COM6!

I can correct this by momentarily unplugging and replugging the USB-to-serial cable (I'm using the AXE 027), but I'd rather fix the batch file if I am doing something wrong.

I am not using any switches in the command, only the three following lines for the three slots:

picaxe28x2 -cCOM6 v47slot0.bas
picaxe28x2 -cCOM6 v47slot1.bas
picaxe28x2 -cCOM6 v47slot2.bas

Any thoughts about this?


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I can't think of any cause for the behaviour you are seeing. If there were issues with the serial port between programming one PICAXE and the next I would have expected there to be similar problems between programming slots of the same PICAXE.
Thank you for the response, hippy, I'll keep experimenting. It may be that my older computer's USB firmware isn't as good as it might be.

I must say that the compiler with batch process is slick and fast and beats heck out of using PE6 when programming multiple slots and/or chips! If I can get it working really well I want to try having it program three chips on three COM ports in one operation.