CMPS14 Problem Fixed

John Todd

To,HIPPY and others forum members
RE CMPS14 Compass Problem
I have found the fault that was causing No Response to Acquisition Code
I had removed the Terminal Pin Assembly so that I could fit it into
my PCB and Case.
I had inspected the connections when I removed the Terminals,
but under a HIGH powered magnifier, I have found that there was an
Open Circuit track [Very Small] in the vicinity of the RX Pin.
Obviously I had damaged the connection, and I repaired this, and once again
the Compass is NOW Responding with the terminal, and gives very good data.
I am not young any more and with relations having problems with bush fires in their
vicinity, I have problems.??
I apologise to forum members that have tried to help me. and have taken Hippies advice.
""If things work they should keep on working !!!!!


Senior Member
No problem and thanks for letting everyone know you have resolved the issue.

No need to apologise; solving problems and helping get things working is why people are here, no matter what that problem may be.