Cicada-08M2 (as a sensor platform showcase ...)


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Is this a robot? Yes, I still think so, as it models its biological counterpart (it can chirp) ...

The Picaxe Cicada idea and a large part of the implementation is not mine but developed by Andrew Hornblow and was introduced no later than 2008 as I built it according to his model. This is how he presented it in those times (and I saved a picture then, therefore I could make a year estimate):


I accidently happened to dig up the circuit two weeks ago, had not worked with a Picaxe for quite a while, got inspired right away and then decided to jump on the train again by reviving the Cicada and refresh my Picaxe knowledge (and another project is in the works now ...). This is a small extension of Andrew's version, with an extra LED attached (used conventionally as a signalling device but also as a light detector), furthermore I cleaned up the code for a modern 08M2 and added a resistor. This implementation (hardware and code) now serves as an example / showcase of how powerful a Picaxe can be when connected to a bunch of sensors and signalling devices (see the code for details):
  • LED as a self-switching light
  • Interrupt-based IRIN using a remote control
  • Temperature or light level to sound translator
  • etc. ...
  • (Any more ideas using different sensors maybe?)

Cicada_08m2.jpg cicada-circuit.JPG

Manuka/Stan, since you seem to have returned to this community as well: Are you still working with him in one or another way? A search on the internet using "Andrew Hornblow picaxe" reveals that he is still preaching Picaxe!

The code is in the attachment (with comments)



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Very cool stuff, guys! I'm a maximum fan of minimalism... Love getting the most of of the least parts. I'm a fan of BEAM robots. I haven't built a turbot yet but maybe soon:

Here's a $5 line follower I modded, it uses a 555 timer and just a few parts. The 555 is 50 years old this year and still relavent amazing since it can output 200 mA, that's huge compared to many ICs.