Cant view the picaxe manuals/website


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Hi I've had this problem since yesterday, everytime I try to open manual 2 or any part of the picaxe website such as the pinout pages I get an error. I've tried multiple wifi networks and devices and nothing seems to be working. Im so sorry if I'm being stupid and this is planned maintenance that I've been oblivious to, but If anybody has any ideas I'd appreciate it greatly with coursework deadlines approaching!

Cheers, Theo 23510


Yes the entire PICAXE website has been off line since Sun morning (Aust time).
No announced maintenance that I am/was aware of.


Technical Support
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Please accept our apologies for the issue with the main site. We have the server support people investigating what's gone wrong and the site should hopefully be back up soon.


Technical Support
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Stuff happens ...
And inevitably outside office hours, late at night, over the weekend, or during a holiday period. That usually means it takes longer for the problem to be noticed and fixed.

Everything should now be back up and working again. Once again, apologies for the outage.