Canon Camera Remote Control Interface for PICAXE 08M2


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This is a CHDK RC remote control interface for Canon cameras using a PICAXE 08M2. It can be built using just cables and a PICAXE processor. It plugs into one channel on the radio control (RC) receiver (RX) from where it gets power and the RC control pulse, normally used for controlling servos. Note the PICAXE processor has a maximum specified voltage of 5.5v, so this interface should not be used on RC systems that use higher voltages.

The interface allows you to control a camera with a standard radio control setup, I use these interfaces for controling a Canon camer for RC model aerial photography. From the ground I can command the camera to take one shot or a few, zoom in or out etc.

The interface is simple to build and can be reduced to just a 08M2 and the leads. The enterprising will be able to make the lead with an SMT version of the 08M2, and it just looks like a fat bit of wire.


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