Bug report : 1 Mar 2020 : PE6 Terminal, control character behaviour ?


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To use web based programming (via picaxecloud.com or webserial.io) you need to use a browser that supports the webserial API - ie Chrome/Edge/Opera.

An ALT+TAB keyboard press will let you very simply alternate between PE6 and any third party terminal application you like.


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Actually, I don't think you understand my suggestion. I know Alt/Tab can switch between PE6 and any other prog, but this is not what I meant.

I meant that PE6 simulator should be able to switch between outputting text to 'PE Terminal' or text to a '3rd party terminal'.

If this could happen, then all screen navigation will be done by the user's PICAXE code sending escape sequences. This is the technique I had to use when I needed to navigate the screen. However, I had to download the code to a real PICAXE, and use a real serial port on my PC which was running TeraTerm. This meant I lost all the advantages of testing in the simulator.

It would have been so much easier if PE6 simulator sent the text directly to TeraTerm.


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What do the numbers in the lefthand column refer to ?

In projects I've worked on professionally, the usual job of these type of numbers is to uniquely define a 'bug' or 'discrepancy' that needs attention.

The identical numbers shown above relate to two different issues.

There is at least one other duplicated number, which coincidentally (?) relates to another bug that I reported.