@bptrinc cannot be used as for variable


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I just got the above syntax failure.
Its an older piece of code that I am looking through for inspiration on how to implement ideas on my current project.
This was originally written on an older version of editor 6, currently running is (same issue on because I haven't gotten around to updating yet on this machine, another that hasn't been updated for quite some time is running and syntax checks fine.
Its being used in a bintoascii command

bintoascii [I][variable][/I], @bptrinc, @bptrinc....


Technical Support
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There were some issue in using @...Inc and @...Dec variables with some commands so where those issues occur those variables are no longer allowed.

It is recommended to use the latest version of PICAXE Editor and keep old installations up to date to avoid unexpected issues when program code is executed.


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fair enough, generally I do try and keep things up to date. I currently use 3 different machines for writing code, and only one for actually programming.