Bonnie the dog,bane of my existance

ok recently i had to move house and my staffy (she's still a puppy) is relentles on barking and whining when behind a pool gate we use to keep a total of three dogs off the paved area (i'll post photos)

the other problem we have is she is also very good at climbing this gate

it's my inlaws house and it's driving them a little nuts not to mention me a little loopy.........

as for things already tried by virute of given advice ,so far we have tried:
citronella spray,
canola spray
male urine (don't ask)
femal urine (again don't ask)
a very long walk everyday for 2 weeks )7 odd kms
training with treats when she doesn't jump over the gate and doesn't whine
various sedatives (haven't tried a chloraforme soaked rag tied to the gate)

electronic options including a picaxe acting as a sound alarm and triggering a solenoid comming off a gas bottle and through a dog whistle,

citronella bark stop collar got chewed off by other dog (Bella)

basically i have one stubborn dog and short of the pound which the fatherinlaw keeps thretening as the solution i'm stumped

has anyone got any other suggestions which may work? anything is apreciated
Basically she sounds unhappy with her surroundings and competition.
So, sell her, or else this'll turn into a Nesbitt thread.
Move to the countryside or get earplugs or take the dog to a good trainer. Sounds like she takes no notice of you because you're not firm enough. A good trainer will train the dog and you.

Do NOT buy your in-laws a gun!
Move to the countryside or get earplugs or take the dog to a good trainer. Sounds like she takes no notice of you because you're not firm enough. A good trainer will train the dog and you.

Do NOT buy your in-laws a gun!
thats probably the case, i'll look into it
as for the gun..... it might be a bit late for that we're pretty well armed


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I've trainned a couple of pretty hard working dogs. I've had two rott bitches that had plenty of attitude and fighting spirit. Both would bite me if I pushed them too far.

I got charged with owning a dog who attacked, ordering a dog to attack and assault in connection with one of them. (I beat it all, self defence. I represented myself in Melb. Magis Court and gave the cop prosecutor a bit of a hiding, it was a glorious legal victory, hahah!)

Virtually all police, militairy or protection dogs are trained at least in part with the use of "e collars", which is fancy name for shock collars. Basically its the only thing that will get the attention of a well bred dog. Most cops and mil trainners use a brand made by a company name Tritronics.

You could picaxe something along the same lines no doubt. Serial data txing, voltage multiplier at the collar end, variable levels of V administration. Strap picaxe driven sparky onto her neck and let her "ride the lightning".

Have a look at site called Leerburg, it has a lot of stuff re. dealing with problem dogs.

A good book, (I think anyway), is called the "Koehler Method of Guard Dog Trainning". Amazon has it. A lot of people will bag it these days but if you will follow the whole process you can train any dog no matter how knuckle headed or aggressive, at least to the basic obedience level.

The main thing to remember is that dogs are dogs not replacements for human children. They're dogs. They tongue their own arses and kill things for fun if they are allowed to.
Am I right to think you don't have any children?

Paying a trainner is a waste of money in my view, the dog will respect the trainner but still regard you as a candy arse.

You can't buy respect from people or dogs, you have to earn it.
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Depends don't it.

Three of my neighbours have Rotties. A total of 6 Rotties. All bar one is well behaved. That particular neighbour also had a nasty one before, it bit so it got shot. And he is a dog-show person and trainer, sorry, trainnner.
So, even experts get it wrong. Depends on dogs and bitches and breeds. Maybe a waste of money, maybe not. Who knows? Neither of us do.

Anyway, enough of this doggie talk. Everyone's an expert. And it ain't PICAXE, so get local advice.
Am I right to think you don't have any children?

not exactly i've got two boys one 6 and one 2, pretty much the reason i can't spend more time with the dogs,

i'll have a look at the shock collars, i've also had the idea of a mini electric fence


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I think it would be a good picaxe project.

I thought of a collar that would produce high freq audio tones that only the dog could hear would be usefull. So you could issue commands to the dog remotely, silently. Drop, recall, bark, go in for a bite etc. I don't think any of the tritronics collars do that.

Drop and hold a position silently is a really usefull command for dog to know during searches.

I saw Victoria police roll out a camera mounted on the dogs head for building searches. I suppose they would use something like that to command the dog.

Have a look at the Leerburg site and read plenty. BTW ecollars are illegal to use in Victroria, don't know about NSW.
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A Bark activated Ultrasonic (25KHz) Screamer near the gate and
an electric fence ( cattle type ) ribbon around the top of the fence
should do it.

Or you could do it the hard way -
Transplant a Kats brain into the Staffy, then every time it
barks it will run away and hide under the house, problem solved.

Sil Chip/Jaycar had a DIY Electric Fence a few years back.
If you want a VOX Relay PCB email me, I have some spare here.

An 08M, 25KHz-PWM, MOSFET, Inductor, 12V, driving a Piezo Horn
should persuade any dog that barking isn't worth the effort.
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