AXEpad for Linux and Mac released


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AXEpad is our new free cross-platform development software, designed to allow Mac OSX and Linux users instant access to PICAXE programming, supporting many of the PICAXE Programming Editor standard development features such as syntax colour coding, wizards, code explorer and debug / terminal functions. When used with the AXE027 USB download cable Linux and Mac users now have a complete PICAXE development and programming environment.

AXEpad has been specifically designed with a low overhead and so will also function well on budget Linux ‘netbooks’ such as the Asus Eeepc and Acer One.

More details about AXEpad can be found in the datasheet:

The various versions of AXEpad can be downloaded from the software pages at


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I just tested it yesterday on my eeePC 701!
Works like a charm! Thanks for this great piece of software Rev-Ed!


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I guess this is a good place to post this.

Ubuntu 8.10, on Eeepc 701, was just playing around, canceled a save window, and got this.



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Thanks, looks like a minor Linux specific bug we will sort out for the main release.


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I installed this without any problems on a Mandriva 2008.1 system. Thanks for making it available.

Here is some constructive feedback:


The file is saved with DOS line endings (CR/LF) so I can no longer use the old command line compiler. It would be better if it saved it with whatever line ending convention was in use when it was loaded.

I can't resize the Code Explorer panel, i.e. make it wider

I can't resize the Debug panel

When using the drop-down list to select a label to go to, it would be better if the editor positioned so that the selected label is not at the bottom of the screen. I would expect that a quarter or half way down the screen would be more appropriate.

There is some weird stuff going on with the Find dialogue and focus

If I bring up the Find dialogue the focus goes to the Find: field (good) but, although the 'Next' button looks like it is marked as the default action button, pressing Enter doesn't do anything - I would expect it to perform the 'Next' action.

If the Find dialogue is left hanging around and another '^F' is issued to do another search, the focus doesn't go to the Find field - it goes to the Next button.


If you copy from a field on the Find dialogue then go back to the editor you cannot 'copy/paste' text in the program - it looks like it remembers the value from the Find dialogue field.

[Edit: Not just a problem with the Find dialogue - It looks like it doesn't do the Copy 'sometimes', even when the previously copied text was from the program.]

With a line such as

b5 = 1

with the cursor before the 'b' and nothing selected, pressing tab brings up auto complete popup (I really wanted to indent the line one tabstop). If I select an item from the list, e.g. b50, then the program line ends up as

The auto-complete popup remains if I put the focus back onto the main document.

If any clarification is required on any of these issues, please ask.
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Awesome! Thanks!

Thanks for the Linux support! I'll be sure to report whatever bugs I find to help your (much appreciated) efforts.
Now if I can get a Linux based CAD program that rivals ExpertCAD I can dump my last M$ installation, get Ubuntu installed, and be Redmond-free. Windows feels too awkward and klunky to me since I made the switch 2 years ago. I haven't been able to drop it completely because of merely two applications, yours being one of them.


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AXEpad 0.1.2

We've just uploaded 0.1.2 to fix the Linux save/cancel issue and add a couple of extra requested features.

0.1.2 (beta)
- (All) Added 'Save in Unix file format' option
- (All) Added 'Code Explorer Width' option
- (All) Fixed debug display for X1 parts
- (Linux) Fixed Save-Cancel crash issue
- (Windows) Added missing picaxe08.exe compiler file
- (Mac) Added AXEpad allocated Mac Creator Code ("PAXE")