AXE171 plays only one mp3 file


I bought two AXE171 kits for MP3 playback.

Tried two different SD cards 2GB and 32GB formatted FAT32 with files mp3/0001.mp3 to mp3/0009 loaded from example folder provided on PICAXE site
Downloaded the example program from PICAXE site - no modifications

Pressing the "next" button causes MP3 files to be played in order "one" "two" .... up to "nine". All good.

Running the provided example program on the supplied AXE14M2+ board correctly sets volume and plays 9 numbers, but all nine numbers are "one"

Just cannot think what I could possibly be doing wrong

Has anyone else had this problem?

I have run out of ideas, so any and all help will be gratefully received.
Many thanks

EDIT: scope decode shows good messages at 9600,8,n,1 of the format:
7E FF 06 12 00 00 0x EF (where x is number 1 to 9)
Busy signal goes low some of the time, so presumably busy signal is good
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That folder must be named \MP3 not \mp3

Unfortunately there is no availability of 'genuine' DFPlayers anymore, everything available is a clone DFPLayer that are made with many different chipsets to the originals. Some of them don't always support all of the playback modes identically to the original, so playing around with the various playback modes is also worth a go. Command $0F seems to work with most boards.

1) Command 03. No folders, filenames named 0001.mp3 to 2999.mp3
$7E, $FF, $06, $03, $00, Filename_H, Filename_L, $EF

2) Command 0F. Folders named 01-99 containing filenames named 001.mp3 to 255.mp3
$7E, $FF, $06, $0F, $00, Folder, Filename, $EF

3) Command 12. Folder named MP3 (upper case) containing filenames named 0001.mp3 to 2999.mp3
$7E, $FF, $06, $12, $00, Filename_H, Filename_L, $EF
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Thanks Technical,

My folder is upper case MP3 (directly copied from example ZIP file), but my report in post 1 was incorrect.

I am going to try the other modes now.

Much appreciated - I am feeling much more positive after your reply


Technical, you are a genius!

It seems that Windows 10 has a nasty habit of changing directory name MP3 into lower case mp3 when I create directory manually

I used command prompt to create a directory upper case MP3, and now my AXE171 correctly announces all numbers 1 to 9

Thank you so much
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Great information, thanks. Pretty picky player needing names in caps only. Recently, using Windows 11, I have noticed some online passwords I enter get saved to the site as all lower case letters. Not sure if that's Windows or the site doing that.

WRT players, I haven't used a DFPLayer or YX5300 since I found the DY-SV17 , which has 3 minutes of onboard RAM (no SD card required) and a built-in audio amplifier: DY-SV17F MP3 Module | PICAXE Forum