analogue calibration board discontinued!


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This website offers an analogue calibration board BAS810. I ordered one but it says on the delivery note discontinued! Aaaargh! Your try doing debug on a 08M then.

Having said that, one could probably make one using a pic chip connected to 3 seven segment displays...hmm...anyone got a .pcb layout and code?


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As I understand it, the calibration board is simply a PICAXE which reads a single Analogue In and puts the value read on the 7-segment display.

Exactly the same can be achieved by using a PICAXE and using SERTXD or SEROUT to send the reading to the Programming Editor Terminal. What's more, current, average, minimum and maximum values can be easily displayed, and in a number of formats; decimal, binary, hex.

It would be quite easy to add an LCD ( even parallel 4-bit if using an 18X ) and produce a cheaper, more comprehensive module.

The first program downloaded into a PICAXE circuit should be one which verifies that the analogue sensors give out the right values anyway, so ( apart from being a sensor demonstration unit in its own right ) I've never really seen the need or purpose for the calibration board.


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The analogue calibration board was designed for the Chip Factory system, which had no debug type feature like PICAXE.

As Hippy suggests, it is totally unnecssary for the PICAXE system as you can get instant readings using a quick debug test program e.g. for 08M

readadc 1,b1
debug b1
goto main