18X based all terrain line follower.


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Me again :D

Just another bot: http://lh4.google.com/rellermaa/RmMjG5IVATI/AAAAAAAAAOw/8Emawv1bwKI/EPSN0005.JPG?imgmax=720

This is an all terrain line follower. And by all terrain I mean all terrain. I have tested it on plywood, carpet, bed, mud, snow (yes the white stuff that is supposed to be on the ground by now but for some reason is not (here)) and many other. Also has a RF receiver in the back in case I want to use it as an RC vehicle. It also had a small manipulator in the back, but since my friend built it I had to give it back to him since he moved away (aww heh?)

Cheers and Happy holidays to you all