08M2 DISCONNECT and Har Reset Question


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I want to use the DISCONNECT command in my 08M2 program.

Regarding this command, Manual 2 says:
"Remember that is always possible to carry out a new download by carrying out the ‘hard-reset’ procedure."

Question: Does cycling the power the the 08M2 perform this 'hard reset'? I don't want to use the DISCONNECT command until I am clear on what gets the 08M2 back into a mode that lets it accept a new program download. What other methods provide the hard reset?



Cycling the power can be used but you would need to turn the power on once the download window has popped up as would be the case with a "Hard Reset"
since with either power cycling or a hard reset, if the PICAXE firmware does not detect a change of state on the input pin immediately it will start running the previously downloaded program. It is all in the timing relative to starting the download of a new program.

Have a read here:
then go to What is a 'hard reset'?