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    PicAxe Mains (DeepWell Pump) Control

    I'm ready to take my PicAxe deepwell pump control circuit from breadboard to PCB. The recent PicAxe/Mains thread unsettled me a bit. I plan to switch my 240vac 1/2hp pump with a 240vac/75A SSR controlled directly by a 14M. The pump is already in the well, so I don't know the exact amp draw...
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    8M water pump control - unstable

    I've got a pretty simple 8M pump control circuit that I want to energize a SSR to control a 220v deepwell pump. The code is below. The circuit is on a breadboard. The float switches are in one assembly I bought used on eBay. They seem to be magnetic switches and work correctly when read with...
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    08m/ WaterDetection circuit problem

    I need some assistance solving a problem with the Water Detector circuit on page 126 of the PicAxe Microcontroller Manual by D Lincoln. I've been working along on the examples quite nicely and had this circuit working two weeks ago. Now I can't get it working again and I don't see what has...
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    08M & LCD?

    Can the 08M support an LCD? Thanks