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    readadc and decimal places

    Hi All, I did take a look at the forum in order to resolve the following, but can't easily find a definative thread! I have a standard voltage devider set up and can reliably get an 8/10 bit resolution over the 0-5v range using readadc and readadc10 I understand how the readadc10 provides 10...
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    Rotary Encoders

    Hi All, I am working on a project that regulates a sewing machines stitch length in proportion to the speed that the sewing machine is moved around on a quilting frame. Has anyone on the forum done this? For this I need some really simple but reliable rotary encoders for the X,Y direction of...
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    24LC16B Hex dump with picaxe

    Hi all, Is it easy to dump the contents of an Intel Hex file onto an 24LC16B serial eeprom? and if so, can anyone point me in the right direction. I need to program an 24LC16B but don't own a suitable serial programmer other than the picaxe USB programming cable with all the associated picaxe...
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    DS1307 hex display on sertxd

    I need a fix to display the output of the DS1307 RTC as hex when outputting to sertxd or the serial terminal (F8). I have just started playing with the DS1307 and am currently getting the output as decimal. thanx. M.