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    Picaxe Pi power control

    Check out this thread: The second from last post (at time of writing) seems to suggest that you can run a Pi3 by simply connecting 3.3V to the 3.3V side of the regulator. I'd be interested to know if this really works. It may also...
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    Auto Switch off

    Hi ZOR, the transistor connected to the Picaxe output turns on the mosfet (i.e. causes it to conduct) by lowering the gate voltage to 0V. This would allow us to also turn on the mosfet by connecting the gate directly to 0V via a switch, since the transistor is not damaged in any way by doing...
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    Auto Switch off

    Sorry, I've got interested in this now. Here are the bones of an idea. Pressing the button for the first time turns on the mosfet, powers the Picaxe, and the Picaxe sets its output high for x mins. Subsequence button presses pulls the input low and the Picaxe extends its output 'high'...
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    a new wireless switch

    Here is an interesting product that I noticed while scanning a popular electrical catalogue last night. Its a domestic wireless switch which generates its own electricity when a user operates it (kinetic energy); no wires, no batteries. Therefore it can be used just about anywhere, and the...
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    magnification for soldering work

    My wife bought me a LifeMax magnifier light, and its absolutely brilliant. It has a ring-light so shadows are minimised. You may have to stand the circuit board on a cardboard box or something to lift to the required height.
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    OK's addictive

    Despite spending many, many years playing with bits of wire and black insects (my wife's words, not mine) I have never ventured into the world of robotics. My view was basically; "so you spend several days building a robot, play with it for half an hour, then chuck it in the junk box, where the...
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    Bird Box System

    This system records video/stills of nesting garden birds. Although the complete system could be categorised as "video" the Picaxe part of the system is concerned with battery conservation. This bird box includes a Raspberry Pi, camera and an 08m2 Picaxe, and is powered by a 12V 12Ahr battery...
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    AxePad crashing when try to open/save a file

    Thanks Technical. I didn't see it earlier when I scanned the options, but here it is...
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    How to detect hibernating hedgehogs

    My box has a floor, an entrance hall & a bed-sitting room. I could add photo-cells inside the hall, but wouldn't be able to tell whether it had been tripped by a hedgehog or a rat!
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    ARM binaries for command line compilers?

    Many thanks Hippy for taking the time to respond. I think my main problem is that I don't understand Qemu. And I think this error... probably because I need to install some qemu related packages. I've started reading up on qemu, and know that it can be used in 2 ways: full emulation...