OK ...it's addictive


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Despite spending many, many years playing with bits of wire and black insects (my wife's words, not mine) I have never ventured into the world of robotics.

My view was basically; "so you spend several days building a robot, play with it for half an hour, then chuck it in the junk box, where the bits are slowly robbed for other projects".

But having been given a buggy chassis kit, I was compelled to build it. Then I was compelled to buy a few more black insects (a Picaxe & an H drive), cut a few more lengths of wire, and bring it to life with some simple code.

And when you see your little creation stumbling around the kitchen floor, bumping into white-goods, and getting stuck in that dark corner behind the vegetable rack, you think; "I can do better than that". ...and your hooked!

(The full story: http://captainbodgit.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/robobuggy-and-me.html)


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Glad to hear you've got the bug, SteveDee. Keep making forward progress and please come back and post your findings (in addition to your blog). We need more active projects here. They are never done, but at some point consider submitting it to Picaxe.com . You could win a Picaxe robot to further your addiction.