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    5khz reciever

    Hi, I have bought one of the cheaper Polar Heart rate monitoring watches. The come in 2 parts, a transmitter and a watch/receiver. I have an idea of building a Picaxe data logger that logs my heart rate every X time. To be able to do this I need to add some electronics to the Picaxe that...
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    RF remote controll + save power

    Hi all, I'm creating a RF remote controll with 2 buttons for my Digital camera. The idea is that I can remorely focus the camera and make it shoot a picture. Since I will put the circuit in a small housing I'll be using 3v button cell to power it. I don't want to hook up the battery to the...
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    hi, I would like to play around with RFID and picaxe. I have seen some RS232 interfaced RFID readers but I can't find any RFID writers that can be easily interfaced with a Picaxe. Has anyone any experience with this?
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    DOG Display

    Hi all, sorry for the maybe confusing title but I have been looking a while for an affordable display that can be used with Picaxe chips W/O consuming 8 datalines. One option was the usage of a LCD driver that can accept RS232 (ttl) signals, but these are 10-15 &#8364; more expensive becouse of...
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    18X and external resonator.

    Short question: Has anyone tried to connect a external resonator to a 18X? I know the PIC that is used for the 18X can be used with a resonator and that certain settings can be found in the registers on that chip. But I'm not sure if the 18X implementation can be used that way. I don't have any...
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    html CODE test

    normal text C with lots of spaces &lt;CODE&gt; normal text C with lots of spaces inside CODE tags &lt;/CODE&gt; &lt;PRE&gt; normal text C with lots of spaces inside PRE tags &lt;/PRE&gt;
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    <marquee>Cool ;)</marquee>

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    Need for speed

    Hi all, I'm new on this forum and have been playing with the Picaxe chips for quite a while now and I realy love them. But I have a problem with a project I'm dooing at the moment. I like to serial (serin) control 110 LED's with a 08M chip. I found that the 74595 is ideal for this...