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    Can someone help me with the maths, Please!

    Hi, thank you looking. Im struggling with what should be simple but I cant get my head around it and I am just going around in circles. Its even harder as we cant deal in fractions! I have an ADC input that ranges from 340 - 1000 Id like to take the input and use it to set the speed of a...
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    ADC INPUT - DAC OUTPUT how can I smooth out the 32 steps.

    Thanks everyone, Yes I think Hippys idea would be easiest for me to put into practice. I thought it was worth a post just in case there was a magic solution but it looks like not in this case. Thanks again for your help.
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    ADC INPUT - DAC OUTPUT how can I smooth out the 32 steps.

    Hi All I have set up a 14m2 to drive a brushless motor controller. The 14m2 is connected to a foot pedal (variable resistor (10K)). I have set the 14m2 to read the ADC in via a voltage divider. The voltage divider is 10K resistor and then the 10K foot pedal. When connected to the pedal the...
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    Hi All They are LIFEPO4 cells 8S2P 18650. The pack is nominal voltage 25.6V3AH The machine is basically a brush less motor and controller. The pack originally had the Capacitor added to the output wires within the case, However over time and testing the battery has become removed fromthe...
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    Hi All Not directly related to a Picaxe but I am hoping someone can help. I have a battery (29.2v DC) and its made up of Lithium cells. Inside the battery there is a capacitor across the positive and negative wires which then lead directly out of the battery. The capacitor is a 35V 220uf...
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    read and write problems.

    Hi I am trying to store a binary value o or 1 into a permanent location which remains when the chip is switched off. However no matter what I do the code always defaults to displaying a value which represents a zero value being read from the eprom. So if I try to write 1 to location 1 eg write...
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    08M2 AND NUNCHUK, is it possible to read the data and utilize?

    Hi All I was just wondering if it was possible to use an 08m2 to ready the data from a Wii nunchuk. I'm especially interested in the data from a the joystick on the nunchuk. I`ve read lots about Arduino doing it so I guess it can be done but has anyone tried it? Any pointers or tips will be...
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    ON/OFF RELAY CIRCUIT WITH 30v SUPPLYand 5V supply and two picaxe.

    Morning! I guess that is why I should draw the schematic first and then bread board after! Especially as my computer is several miles from my "laboratory" :) . I did the schematic from memory and forgot about the transistor for the relay and the "load by pass wire" was another over site by me...
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    ON/OFF RELAY CIRCUIT WITH 30v SUPPLYand 5V supply and two picaxe.

    Hi All Sorry I have re enlisted the help of this thread again. I bet everyone thought this had been put to bed. However, having built the circuit and added it to my existing circuit, I am still having problems due to the load sinking the "switch circuit" when it is supposed to be off. The sad...
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    Coulomb counters - battery level gauge with a picaxe 08m2

    Hi All Has anyone had any experience of using a Picaxe to create a Coulomb counter. I have created a circuit to measure the Voltage of a Li-ion battery with a range 24-29V, however its not very accurate. I read a thread once and I think is was here about someone who had created a circuit to...
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    vdd to picaxe in simulation appears to default to being powered at 5V?

    HI The Vdd appears to default to 5V when I run my simulation, However I require a 14m2 to only switch on when a switch is pressed as the 14m2 is part of a sub circuit. Please can you tell me how to switch off this defaulting to on. So that the Vdd does not automatically switch on to 5V for the...
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    Can a picaxe pin be set to a state, rebooted and remain in the state it was set to

    Thanks and thanks again for looking: I have a circuit that when powered using a momentary switch, causes a couple of transistors, N-mosfet and 14m2 picaxe to stay on until a switch is pressed again to shut down the circuit. (If your interested here is the circuit hyperlinked to this text and...
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    ON/OFF RELAY CIRCUIT WITH 30v SUPPLYand 5V supply and two picaxe.

    Hi All Thanks for all your help on this. Please can you take a look at the circuit included. I am hoping that when the push button switch is pressed, the Picaxe will startup and then detect the depression of the switch and activate the Mosfet which will then maintain power to the whole...
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    ON/OFF RELAY CIRCUIT WITH 30v SUPPLYand 5V supply and two picaxe.

    Please can someone explain if a circuit such as this is feasible? Thanks
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    ON/OFF RELAY CIRCUIT WITH 30v SUPPLYand 5V supply and two picaxe.

    Hi All Can someone help me out or point me to some ideas please. I currently have a 30V battery operated device. The circuit is split into 2 halves, 1 side operates at 22-30V from a battery and the other side of the circuit operates at 5V which takes the power from the 30V supply via a 5...