Confused 40X2 pin count - labelling


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Can someone please direct me as the Picaxe 40X2 DIL labelling in Picaxe manual 1 does not match the the 40X2 QFN pic available on Picaxe store which appears to have 44pins in total although we believe some are not connected?

Basically is there a reference available for the labelling of the Picaxe 40X2 QFN chip. (it has 44 PIN)

Thank you.

Note: Diptrace PCB layout for Picaxe 40 TQFN does reference 44 pins but the pin labels do not match the 40X2 DIL which is adding to my confusion.


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The TQFP is on page 40 of the manual
The QFN part is only available to special order, normally only used by industrial partners as it is so small. It does have a few different pins, the pinouts of all 3 parts are side by side within the Microchip datasheet in table 3.
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