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    "FOR...DOWNTO" command

    Was the compiler bug for DOWNTO ever addressed/corrected? I've just come across the same thing - easily corrected by changing it to the conventional 'Step -1' and now working fine - but this thread is over four years old!
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    Ethernet Cable?

    Just going back to your original question; 'standard' wireless connections are usually 54 Mbps, so if your incoming connection is between 3 and 11 Mbps (or anything under 50 Mbps) then there will be no noticeable difference between wireless and wired. I don't think category 8 cables have been...
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    hi2clast and hi2cflag, when are they valid

    I realise it's nearly four years on, but I've been playing with I2C (20X2 master and 20X2 slaves) and been through many of these issues. What I discovered with my particular set-up is that the slave may appear to drop off the bus, but in fact it was just too busy to respond to the master - I...
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    PCB scope - reviews?

    Oh I completely understand - I've spent a large portion of my career updating industrial software from VB6 to .NET and I know indeed that it's quite some work (or a massive amount of hard graft and mental pain to be more accurate). I was only suggesting/asking for your thoughts - and don't...
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    I2C devices - What's the preferred way to control multiple devices?

    I've been struggling with I2C bus lockups for a few days and this thread solved that for me. However, I need to point out that the example (#3) given on the hi2csetup command page is incorrect! I bookmarked the page so I could go back and use the example, only to find it didn't work - the logic...
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    PCB scope - reviews?

    Hi Womai - I have a quick question about the DP Scope SE software - although from what you've already said I think I know the answer! Do you have any plans to bring the software up to date? I'm sure you're aware that VB6 COM applications are somewhat legacy and MS might cause them to fall over...
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    DS18B20 - marked as obsolete(!)

    Thanks Ibenson, appreciated. I'm currently on 14M2s, but I think I've got some 20X2s hiding somewhere. So hard to get a hobby back up and running when life is so busy!
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    DS18B20 - marked as obsolete(!)

    Thanks techEldar and hippy - that's very helpful information. It doesn't help that the Maxim page is down for 'DS18B20' and there is no mention of the variants (i.e. +) elsewhere on their site! Good news also about the temperature conversion time - I'm polling 8 sensors in one circuit, and I...
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    DS18B20 - marked as obsolete(!)

    Hopefully there's been a terrible mistake somewhere! I'm just gearing up for a little project involving over 10 DS18B20 temperature sensors, but I'm struggling to find any sources. I started on the flea market and the big-forest-place and the bad reviews/reports of fakes put me off, so I moved...
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    Using 2-lead bi-colour LEDs with PICAXE

    Just in case your offer of 3D printed parts doesn't work out for some reason, there's always the relatively simple thinning of the plywood. I presume 'standard' LED mounts could be used if the ply was thin enough - so if you've got access to a drill stand, you can enlarge all of the holes up to...
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    Best Solder and flux to use

    I agree with Hippy - I also use Multicore™ and have kept two sizes on my desk for the last few years (no idea what size - one thin, one thick!). The thick one definitely becomes useful for anything over 3mm in size - like motor terminals, connectors, etc. The only other thing I have is a...
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    Are there RGB LEDs that can produce a pure WHITE output ???

    Given that we don't know your projects physical arrangement for the LEDs, I have a few suggestions. Maybe you could drive a set of 2x 3mm LEDs in parallel to give slightly more control/balance? Not sure how that would work unless you put different resistors on each LED in the pair?! I know you...
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    Addressable RGB LED

    Just a quick update while I get over the excitement of getting it all working and start documenting it properly. Did I already mention it works?! Basically, what Alan said in post #17 in his first paragraph is correct, along with Westy's bulk of knowledge on the subject earlier - the data goes...
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    Addressable RGB LED

    Hello all. I've found a relatively cheap RGB LED, which is labelled as either 'addressable' or 'intelligent' depending on which search results you follow. My preferred supplier has a datasheet which can be found here (PDF). Now, hopefully most of you will agree with me that this datasheet is...
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    OSC001 - PCB Scope - software

    I just bought the PCB scope because I was sick of guessing what fluctuating voltages were doing with my DMM! It's a nice little PCB, seems to work well and did everything I need. However, I have a couple of questions about the software. The software linked to on the Rev. Ed. description page...