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Using [size=N]This is size N[/size] tags, where N can be from 1 to 7 ...

This is size 1
This is size 2
This is size 3
This is size 4
This is size 5
This is size 6
This is size 7

To use for emphasising posted text -
This is normal, This is bold, This is size 5, This is size 6, This is size 7.

So, as an equivalent to HTML headings -

<h1> = Size 7
<h2> = Size 6
<h3> = Size 5

We don't have any problem with people using any appropriate text formatting or colouring in their postings but, if formatting of a post steps beyond what is deemed reasonable or acceptable, we reserve the right to edit such posts to make them more appropriately formatted and take any other action as may be considered necessary.

We haven't had a problem with that and we don't anticipate one but it's appropriate to say it here. Basically; don't get carried away and everything will be fine.


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Actually, not trying to be a smart-ass (it does come naturally! :D ) if one is adding a post and one just leaves the format at "rich text mode", then you don't see those BBCODE sizes. You see font sizes from 9 to 26 in the selection drop down. The corresponding BBCODE is applied.

This is font 9 converted to BBCODE 1
This is font 10 converted to BBCODE 2
This is font 12 converted to BBCODE 3
This is font 15 converted to BBCODE 4
This is font 18 converted to BBCODE 5
This is font 22 converted to BBCODE 6
This is font 26 converted to BBCODE 7

PS. You might notice that the first 3 codes display the same size on the screen. So, we really only have sizes from 3 to 7.