Which chip is which?


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Looking over the Picaxe documentation, it appears that the different chips are specified only by the number of pins. Is there a way to find out which Microchip model is being used? Is it possible to choose the Microchip model that you like the best and then burn the Picaxe software into it? There are so many different PIC models, it would be nice to be able to choose the one that fits your application best and then move it into the Picaxe world to use it. Possible?


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The various models are identified in Manual 1 "Getting Started". Alternatively, the detail you want can be found on the PICAXE website here.

Unfortunately, the PICAXE people would not make any money if you were able to flash their firmware into your own chips. So, no you can't do it yourself.


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You are limited to whatever Microchip chips Rev-Ed choose to use, cannot pick an arbitrary PICmicro part and have PICAXE firmware and bootstrap burnt into it.

It's not really appropriate to choose a chip based upon the PICmicro part because it's what the PICAXE and its Basic language supports and provides for which is most applicable but there are details of the most applicable Microchip datasheets for each PICAXE type here -