Where's the terminal window?


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In Linux do I have to do something different to get the terminal window to open in AXEpad?
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I misread your question.
Can you see ttyUSB0 in /dev?
I'm using a real serial port, not USB. Programming functions are working fine so there's no problem between the editor itself and the port /dev/ttyS0. It's on Mint 18 Cinnamon.

Test prog:
' PICAXE-20X2               
#picaxe 20x2
#Terminal 1200
Symbol LED = A.0

SerTxd ("Hello World!")
SerTxD (CR, LF)
High LED
Pause 100
Pause 100
Goto Again
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Get rid of the "#Terminal 1200" line. It only works with the PE.
If that doesn't work try replacing it with: "#com /dev/ttys0" and see what happens.

The only thing that stops me getting the terminal window is when I don't have the download cable connected. You could have a look at /home/username/.LinAXEpad/axepad.ini to check the [Linux Target].

Try going to the folder containing LinAXEpad then right-click/"Open a terminal here". Type ./LinAXEpad then try to open the terminal window. You might get some usefull error messages.

You could put a "debug" command in your program to see if you get the debug window.
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Thanks for all your suggestions.

There's no problem with Debug.

I'm going back to windows/PE6 to get my project done, and I'll get back to testing this again later.