What Happened to Goeytex?


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Dear Friends,

I will be offline for a while due to several small "strokes" that have severely affected my vision. They say the vision will likely come back eventually, but staring at computer screens and hand soldering SMD components is not part of the rehab plan.

All my microcontroller stuff has been packed up (along with everything else I own) and I will be moving to a managed health facility for rehab. Not sure how long.

That's what happened to Goeytex just in case someone notices that I am not around.

Good Luck and have fun !



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You'll be missed.

Get someone to help you get on occasionally. We'd like to hear about your progress.

Maybe we can work something out as fellow Texans!


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Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that :( I do wish you a speedy recovery! In the meantime there are screen reading and speech to text programs that you may find helpful.


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So sorry to hear that mate.
Wish you well with the recovery.
I'm sure someone will help with reading out the forum posts for you.


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Goeytex - sorry to hear this. Trust you still have decent internet access (& decently HOT chilly sauces)? I'd sudden vision woes myself a while back & could barely read newsprint at one stage. It became a suitable reason to finally cancel the paper & get news on line.Thank goodness for today's BIG screens! Stan.


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that thread title made me think some much worse news was coming, although still not much better to hear what you are having to deal with now.

your postings and helpfull insights/information you have been providing to the forum will no doubt be missed but hopefully you get the best help and rehab to get back to a sense of normality and everyday life.

good luck and a speedy recovery goeytex.



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I second, third and fourth all the good wishes posted here - you have been much help to many of us! Please do let us know how your rehab is coming along... it sounds tough but possible...


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My dear fellow, I just cannot express to you how much respect that I hold for you for your contributions to this forum. Nobody can even begin to match the quality, professionalism and patience of your postings. You are always deeply analytic of our problems; always very patient and never cynical. Your advice is always of the highest calibre and clearly well-informed. You have all the very best characteristics of a great teacher. I always seek out the replies from "Goeytex" in threads because I know that there will be valuable and reliable learning to be gained.

I certainly wish you well in your rehabilitation and recovery. The personality that you have displayed on this forum indicates someone who is patient, pragmatic and takes a positive view of life at all times; from my time as a specialist hospital clinician I know how important these elements are in a patient's recovery and therefore I am most positive about your path to recovery, as I am sure you are as well.

As you move on in life to perhaps different interests and a changing lifestyle, please recognise that your contribution to my learning in the field of electronics has been simply enormous; and that must be reflected by countless others throughout the world who have read your guidance over the years. The repository of "guidance from Goeytex" in this forum remains accessible to all and whilst you are recovering, please just think that people will still be searching old postings and learning from your great expertise for many years to come.

So, thank you, Sir; thank you for imparting your knowledge and expertise in such a patient, thoughtful and generous manner over the years and may you enjoy the fullest recovery and a good quality of life. Hopefully, we will see you back here again at some time; in the meanwhile your advice will be very sorely missed.


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On behalf of Rev-Ed and our staff; we wish you all the best for the future, hoping you will experience a swift and full recovery, and that we will see you back on the forum in due course.


Sorry to hear of your situation. Trust you do get better over time.

Like Manuka I too suffered some vision related problems about a year ago with retinal tears (flashing fluro lights inside the eye are not a good sign).
Laser surgery stopped the deterioration and partially fixed the vision but now needed to wear reading glasses and when soldering even for DIP through hole soldering a magnifying visor (luckily SAborn sent me a simple one about 2 years ago albeit not required at the time sent).

Certainly do endeavor to stay with the forum even if only to let us Know how you are progressing.
Many will miss your input to the solution of problems and general assistance.


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Sorry to hear about your health problem, Goeytex.. I have found that just like with some of our Picaxe projects there's always a "work around" that we can accept. Hang in there! Jims


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Here are best wishes from another person who has found posts by "Goeytex" to be most enlightening. Good luck with your rehabilitation.

I hope you will return if/when your eyesight permits. Even if you don't have a hand on the soldering iron, your store of knowledge and patience in explaining and helping with debugging would continue to be most valuable.


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I am very sad to hear this news. I second all that has been said of your many insightful posts. I have learned so much from you; you are a guru and personal hero to me and many others here. Your vast knowledge, enthusiasm, helpfulness and creativity have made "goeytex" posts must-reads for me. You are an incredibly important part of this ecosystem. We all wish you very best and pray for your vision to improve. Best of health and luck to you in your imminent transition. Your regular contributions will be missed in the short term, and I hope you will find a way to look in on us periodically in the future. This place won't be the same if you don't.


John West

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Goeytex, good luck and I hope you improve quickly. you're one of the good ones. If there's a small project you'd like soldered up, just let me know and I'll do the work for you. You're only a day or so away by mail.

John, in Boulder Colorado.

Jeremy Harris

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Another sincere best wishes to you, Goeytex, with a hope that your eyesight recovers quickly and you can "resume normal service" as a staunch supporter of this forum. As someone who's ageing and finding eyesight to be an increasingly limiting feature of the ageing process I have a great deal of sympathy for your situation.


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Sorry to hear of your troubles. This is perhaps the best mannered and useful forum that I use and you are one of the reasons! We look forward to your return.


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Goeytex, you have helped me personally on many an occasion and I will miss your always-supportive and informative answers to my questions. Wish you the very, very best!


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Goeytex wish you a speedy recovery!

We all hope you the best, also a speedy recovery. Hope to see you soon again on the forum!


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Goeytex, although we have never met, without hesitation, I have seen you help plenty of people. You even helped me, directly and indirectly.
In my opinion that makes you a good person. My wife and I will pray for you.
Get well soon.


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Sad to hear that. I'm so thankful that you are member of this forum. There are hundreds of people who are thankful.


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We've never met, but I feel like I've known you for years.

So here's a Get Well Soon from just one of your friends in the UK.

Best wishes,



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See if the Doc can locate your serial port, so we can write a new set of basic code to reload your memory.

All jokes aside i wish you a fast recovery.

A tip you might like to consider is Acupuncture as a help in treatment, my farther at 87YO had his 3rd stroke and was told he would most likely never walk again or have use in one arm, the tough old bugger didnt give up, and as a total supprise to myself he seeked acupuncture on another persons advice.

Within 3 months he was back driving a car as good as before, although in one arm he never gained full strength too, but was still able to return to his work shed and proceed with making projects.

From my fathers advice, it is important to act quickly and not delay to seek acupuncture,.
To myself it made sence that one part of the brain dies, but another section can be trained/stimulated to fill in, but leave it to long and acupuncture stimulation wont work, as it becomes too late to remap the brain to fill in the gaps.

It requires attention before all the nerve ends dies or become non responsive to treatment.

Im not a doctor so just advice on what i have seen work, call it a fluke, just lucky, or what ever, it can work in some cases from what have witnessed, so worth suggesting from my veiw.

Hope you recover quickly.

Brian M

Always value your posts. Hope your stay in rehab is a short one, and you return here in better health than when you left.