waterproof srf005 ultrasonic sensor

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I would like to replace the ultrasonic tranducer the SRF005 module with waterproof units


These units have a sealed front that will allow me to mount it at the front of a car in all weather at bumper level.
( powered by a seperate supply and not connected to the vehicles electronics at all).
I want to know how far I am from walls, other cars, kerbs etc, because I can't see the front edge of the car.

Has anyone replaced the transducers?

Has anyone found any inexpensive waterproof units to do the same type of job

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I recall there was some past discussion on using similar ( maybe the same ) waterproof sensors. I'd expect them to work but I also recall it being said they were less sensitive. That would probably affect maximum distance so likely less of a problem for a parking sensor; the timing should still be the same.

If it came to the worse, you might have to implement your own SRF005. With the faster speeds of PICAXE these days that might well be feasible. I saw a site years ago ( no link I'm afraid ) which just put one pulse out and timed to it coming back and I'm sure better than that could be achieved.