VSM simulation variables


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When using simulation in PE the generic tab allows optional values to be assigned to variables to verify if...then statements. How can the same task be performed in VSM simulation? Variables types can be altered, binary, hex etc but there appears to be no way of assigning specific values to them; either at start-up or at break points through the programme.

Any thoughts out there.


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Would some kind soul advise how a b0 variable can be assigned various values to allow 'if.... then' statements to cause the simulation to jump to sub-routines.

Help is needed please


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VSM models behave like a real chip, so, as in real life, you cannot change variable values on the fly. You can use an extra 'let bx = x' line in your code to set to a known value. Or, for instance, use a spare input pin to act as a trigger for a let statement.

You can however setup watch windows to break at a particular variable value.