voltage divider with and LED

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Im trying to reduce 6 volts to 5 volts using a voltage bridge, l

Im using a 1k on the high side and a 5k on the low side to give me 5 volts, no problem.
That powers my chip nicely.
What I need to find out is; if I add an LED and a 330 ohm resistor from the 5 volt junction to earth, does that make the low side a parallel resistor equation?
Does it make the low side resistance about 310 ohms?
So that means that the high side resistor will need to be about 60 ohms.

Am I on the right track or lost?

I have no one to ask, so I ask here.

Thank you for your time

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Don't use a voltage divider, it won't work correctly and is very inefficient. Simply use 1 or 2 diodes such as a 1N4001 in the +ve power supply. Each will give a 0.7V drop.