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I have just read the WHOLE of the PNS PDF file, and i'ts all very exciting stuff.

However a few things confused me. The default Web page mentioned, that needs no set-up? is it already programmed into PNS?

Also would there be an ablity to display video? what i mean is could it sent the raw data and then with some programing display the video on the web page?
i have a project in mind of alowing a home owner to check on their home without involving a computer.


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The PNS, when supplied new, does have some sample webpages in it. You can change these if you want to.

Video? You just need a TCP/IP webcam for this. Many modern webcams can serve images without a computer attached e.g. one we use here at the PICAXE office is the 'Panasonic BL-C10' but there are hundreds of others also available.