very basic OLED commands

Dicky Mint

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Hi I haven't posted for some time but I have a little problem which I remember I first had when first I started to work with the PICAXE.

What are the very minimum serout commands that an OLED (2x8) should receive before sending a variable?

I suspect the first time around that it was Eclectic who shared the basic information with me, and perhaps he will again.

I'm planning to build a portable metronome with digital display.

I am in the process of getting together all the components, software and case together

I will design the PCB in Sprint Layout as I've used it for years and I find it does practically everything I ask of it!

Thanks in advance



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You have to tell us more about the serial interface that you are using, since all of the OLED displays that I have seen have a built-in 4- or 8-bit parallel interface.

Are you referring to Rev-Ed's AXE131 serial driver backpack? If so, refer to page 3 of the datasheet: (1) Position the cursor (input location) and (2) Send the data