Variable names being automatically converted to lowercase...


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I just updated from (beta) to and noticed a feature that I don't like: All my variable names are now being automatically converted to lowercase, When I Much Prefer To Choose For Myself, How They Appear!

Is this a new feature - that can be disabled? (and if so how?) - or just a bug.

I've reverted to for now...


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File -> Options -> Editor then the Auto-Format -> Editor drop-down will change the behaviour.


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Changed behaviour on re-install - but still some strange effects.

There's more to it than that...

I reinstalled and checked that option. It was set to "First Letter Uppercase". As you will probably be aware - but I'd forgotten - the earlier version allowed separate rules for "Commands", "Variables" & "Constants". I would have set "Commands" to be "First Letter Uppercase", but left the others as "none".

Playing around with the option in, I get different behaviour to that which I saw on the original installation. If I set it to "all lowercase", it converts as I type - but does not affect anything I had typed before I set the option. The error condition I encountered previously, resulted in the variables changing as I passed 'through' the line containing them (i.e. using UP and DOWN arrow keys).

Additionally, previously I could reset them back to mixed case - either manually, or by using the "Replace" option. They would then remain in that state, until I once again passed the cursor through that line. With re-installed, the "Replace" option now ignores my attempts to change case. (i.e. with "all lowercase" set, it does not honour a replacement of "myvar" with "MyVar", whereas previously it did). Trying to manually correct the case of the variables had no effect, but yesterday it was succeeding - at least for a while.

I don't know what caused the error condition, but the remove/re-install cycle seems to have largely cured it (or at least changed it for the better).

I still notice the following (strange) effects:-

"First Letter Uppercase" results in built-in variables, such as "B0", "W13" always being converted to their lowercase versions i.e. "b0", "w13". The rule is not applied(either way) to my variables and constants.

i.e. typing "symbol myvar = W13" results in "Symbol myvar = w13"

"all lowercase" and "all uppercase" is applied to comments as well as code. I find that odd, especially in the case of "all lowercase". (it is not something i ever do. it makes me look like a teenager ;-)

There's more...

Setting the option to "all lowercase", and then re-entering the option menu, shows it to be set to "none" (even though it was implementing the lowercase rule).
Setting the option to "First Letter Uppercase" is applied retrospectively to the existing document when the option is saved, whereas the other options aren't. (Remember of course, that "First Letter Uppercase" does a "set First Letter Lowercase" on built-in variables.

The "none" option works well though ;-)

Solar Mike

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Still doing it in the editor, dammed annoying, had to set to NONE to stop the editor stuffing all my nice looking maintainable text.