US Transducer Information


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Hi all,

Thought I'd make another thread as this is a slight side-question on the other one.

In short, I'm using the ultrasonic transducers shown below:

Do these have polarity? If so, which is which?

I've tried searching for a spec sheet, but I can't seem to find this info.


Michael 2727

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They are a piezo device, and respond much like a speaker.
The only real reason for polarity on a speaker is to correctly
phase the devices, e.g. out of phase speakers will cancel
each other out, mainly noticed in the Bass by mere mortals.

With the U/S transducer the case is -0V or NEG.
Also the TX will work as an RX and vice versa.
(there may be slight mechanical differences where
one works better than the other)


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My money would be on the ST being the transmitter and the SR being the receiver :)

The two bottom pins both look to be soldered to the cases so I'd expect them to be 0V.