Updating of our old Westminister door chimes

Hi ... I recently updated our 45 year old Nutone Westminister Door Chimes
> as the mechanical end of it was giving problems. So I updated it using a
> PICAX 08M2 I also put a PICAXE MP3 board in it so we could hear the chimes
> played electronically down in the family room over a speaker. The unit seams
> to work well, except about once every couple of weeks it will go through
> one complete cycle but the MP3 board will not play as the front door
> button has not been pushed as that is the only way that the board can be tripped.
> Now the system till trip it's self some times during a sever thunder storm
> ,& that I expect. Do anyone out there have any idea why this is happening. I can send
> you the code and a schematic of this project if you like. Thanks any help
> would be appreciated. Doug Gale
eclectic;bt2494 said:
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Done. :)

Hi again /// Thanks for the information. I think I have finally got it wright.
Doug Gale VE3DSA